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Candelaria Institute


Candelaria Institute provides the following services and facilities for the students.

School Library

Considered as a leraning resources center. Students are encouraged to make full use of the services for their development.

First Aid Assistance


  • First aid assistance is given tot he studetns as the need arises. A teacher is assigned to keep first aid medicines ans kit while the adviser/subject teacher concerned would also extend help.
  • In case medical attention is necessary, the student is admitted to a hospital or clinic.

Guidance and Counseling Services


  • Candelaria Institute has a unique set-up, thus, guidance and counseling services function/work quite differently from the traditional practices.
    • The teacher-adviser is at the same time guidance counselor of his/her students.
        • In terms of academic problems, teacher advisers can openly discuss the problem with the subject concerned. Subject teachers concerned likewise are encouraged to report the academic standing to the teacher-adviser. This is also discussed during faculty meetings.
        • In terms of emotionally/psychologically/moral problems, teachers-advisers/year level advisers take time to discuss such problems and the subject could also be brought up to the attention of the faculty members/administration during their regular meetings.
        • In terms of financial problems regarding school obligations:
          • Classroom financial obligations-- the students has to settle the matter with teacher-adviser concerned.
          • school fee obligation-- it is school'spolicy that such is transacted between the school cashier the student concerned.
  • However, CIPTA has a fund to help distresses students financially as the need for it arises. Students who meet accidents while attending school will be covered with insurance plan.

Religious Services


  • As a Catholic school, it is the trust of the institution to provide religious formation to its students as a means of concretizing the school's objectives on matters of faith and Christian value foramtion.
  • Classroom lecture- Discussion on matters of faith and practices during Religious Education and Values Education or in any subject area as the need for its arises.
  • Students are encouraged to attend daily Eucharistic celebration.
  • Home visit and para-liturgy services for the bereaved family of their classmates or faculty/administration.
  • Financial assistance to the distressed students who are victims of natural calamities, deaths and accidents.
  • During religious observance like fiesta, Christmas, feast of saints, etc., students are encouraged to give monetary gifts or in kind as Eucharistic offerings.

Cultural Services

  • Provide a training ground for students interested in performing.
  • Develop students' skills in communication and personality development.
  • Inculate the value of discipline, team work, and community belongingness.
  • Promote Filipino culture through songs, dances and stage plays.

Science Laboratory


  • Provides equipment in performing laboratory experiments.
  • Provides materials for students to explore in the field of science and technology.
  • FAcilitates learning through laboratory activities.

Computer Laboratory


  • A resources center in information technology.
  • Provides the students with basic computer education.

Athletic Services

  • Provides equipment for athletics and sports development to foster the idea of a sound mind in a sound body.
  • Through athletics, the students receive training of sportmanship and camaraderie.



  • Provides food services to the students, the faculty and visitors.
  • Gives service to the school needs of the students at a mininum price possible.
  • To keep the students inside the school campus and to avoid their exposure to hazards from outside elements.

Campus Security


  • A gate guard is assigned to protect the students, school personnel, and all properties inside the school campus.

Auxiliary Facilities


  • Student Center
  • Standby Power Generator
  • Information Center
  • Stage
  • Sound System
  • Lost and Found Bulletin Board
  • Basketball Court
  • Potable Water System
  • Audio-Visual Aids
  • Transport Service
  • Drainage System
  • Risograph
  • Telephone Services
  • Comfort Rooms
  • Photocopying Machine
  • Mail Services
  • Ladies' Dorm
  • Laminator

Please call us at (63)085-343-0994

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