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Candelaria Institute


A student, who freely enrolls in Candelaria Institute, submits himself and agress to abide by its rules ans regulations. He must observe the proper performance of his responsibilities as as ideal student. In return, Candelaria Institute must uphold, respect and protect his rights as a student.

School/Campus Rules

  • All students must conduct themselves accordingly and behave impeccabl;y at all times during and after school hours.
  • Student must be an example of a clean,s imple and honest student in our school and community.
  • Students must perform their tasks and functions thoroughly, earnestly and to the best of your ability, and be demonstrating a high sense of responsibility.
  • Student must observe discipline and respect for school authorities and teachers.
  • Student must be just and fair in your actions and in your dealings with your classmates and fellow students.
  • Student must be punctual. Always attend their classes and try to avoid unexcused absences.
  • Student must attend the flag raising and flag retreat ceremonies.
  • Student must develop their habit of wearing the prescribed uniform and identification card during school days.
    • Boys should not wear earrings, hats, and other accessories improper for school wear.
    • Girls should not wear make-up, hats and other accessories imporper for school wear.
  • Always observe reverence and respect for sacred places, rites and objects.
    • Join in the prayer of the Angelus, otherwise, observe silence and avoid unnecessary movements.
    • Sleeping, chatting, texting, dating, eating, and playing in the church premises are not allowed.
  • Dating and showing any acts of intimacy inside the school campus and within the church premises is not allowed.

Enrol now and be a Candelarians....

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