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Candelaria Institute
About Our School

The Teacher's Groto
The faculty and staff of Candelaria Institute

Candelaria Institute is a non-sectarian parochial school administered by the Diocese of Butuan.

Our Mission
Ther formation of individuals who are academically, socially, economically, morally and spiritually responsible through quality Christian Education.

Our Vision
To produce individuals living wholesome and userful lives deeply rooted in Christian principles.

Our Staff

We have an experienced and dedicated group of teachers and staff. Each teacher strives to create a supportive and challenging classroom atmosphere to encourage students to participate. We may introduce a teacher on this page, or have a teacher of the month feature like the one below.

Our Goals and Objectives

Candelaria Institute in keeping with the school's mission statement through its program of total development is committed to the following objectives:

  1. to provide a program of a catholic education, which integrates an academic study of Christian beliefs and teachings with liturgical activities.
  2. To offer opportunitites for the students and traditions in consonance with the goals of national development;
  3. To develop the students' potentials and interest and aptitude in the light of the needs of the family, the community, and the country in general;
  4. to instill a strong spirit to excel in all activities through the acquisition of knowledge and skills by providing a balanced program of spiritual, academic andworthwhile co-curricular activities.

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